Fluid dynamics

Draft of subject contents 

Fluid Dynamics basic laws and equations. Mass conservation and continuity equation. Euler equation for ideal fluid flow.  Navier Stokes equations for viscous fluid flow and some elementary solutions. Energy equation and compressible fluid flow. Turbulence.  Turbulent flow Reynolds equations. Turbulence models. Software overview for simulation of real fluid flow. Unsteady fluid pipe flow. Unsteady free surface flow. 

Developing of general and specific competences (knowledge and skills) 

Students are encouraged to consider the physical significance of laws and equations in fluid dynamics and to develop ability to solve the wide range of problems concerning fluid dynamics and to formulate independent projects involving fluid dynamics. 

Forms of tuition performing and manner of knowledge checking 

Tuition performing: lectures, exercises, independent work, and consultations. Manner of knowledge checking: class participation, written and oral exam. 

List of literature needed for studies and sitting for an examination 

L. Sopta, L. Kranjčević, Mehanika fluida, skripta. Tehnički fakultet Rijeka, 2004.

Bruce R. Munson, Donald F. Young, Theodore H. Okiishi, Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics, 4th Updated Edition, John Wiley and Sons, 2003.

Streeter, V.L, Wylie E.B., Fluid mechanics, 8th edition, McGraw Hill, 1985.

List of literature that is recommended as supplemental 

Internal handout. 

ECTS credits attributed to subject and corresponding explanation 

5 ECTS. Lecture attendance 20%, exercise attendance 20%, preparation of the written exam 30%, preparation of the oral exam 30%. 

Manner of sitting for an examination 

Written and oral exam. Manner of quality inspection and efficiency of subject performing Control of the regularity of class performing and  attendance. Continuous dialog with students and inquires about course. Quality control knowledge at the exam. 

Prerequisites for subject enrolling

No prerequisites. 


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