Visualization and preparation of computer simulations

Draft of subject contents 

Problem formulation, Computational domain design using I-DEAS, CATIA, Gambit, TGrid, SMS software. Design of specific domains. Domain decomposition for uniform grid generation and parallel computing. Exporting and Importing of CAD geometries. Getting familiar with different CAD file formats. Numerical grids. Grid generation. Uniform and non-uniform grids, grid adoption for specific geometry and/or physical problem being modelled. Postprocessing. Examining and analyzing the numerical simulation results using Fluent and SMS softwares. XY plots, contours, vectors, streamlines, pathlines, iso-surfaces, animations. 

Developing of general and specific competences (knowledge and skills) 

Individually designing computational domains and meshes. Visualization and quantitative analysis of the numerical solution to extract the required physical insights and information. Skills: using commercial software such as I-DEAS, CATIA, Gambit, SMS and Fluent for geometry and mesh design etc. 

Forms of tuition performing and manner of knowledge checking 

Tuition performing: lectures, exercises, independent work, and consultations. Manner of knowledge checking: class participation, seminar paper. 

List of literature needed for studies and sitting for an examination 

Tutorials and User guides for commercial software packages: Fluent, I-DEAS, SMS, Gambit 

List of literature that is recommended as supplemental 

ECTS credits attributed to subject and corresponding explanation 

4 ECTS. Lecture attendance 40%, exercise attendance 40%, writing seminar paper i.e. solving given tasks with the aid of existing software 20%. 

Manner of sitting for an examination 

Successful seminar paper is the condition for attending the oral exam. Manner of quality inspection and efficiency of subject performing Control of the regularity of class performing and  attendance. Continuous dialog with students and inquires about course. Quality control of seminar papers. 

Prerequisites for subject enrolling

No prerequisites. 

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