Hydraulic Machines

Draft of subject contents 

Definition and classification of turbomachines. Turbomachinery energy equations. Methods for choosing turbomachines. Dimensional analysis. Similarity laws. Model testing. Turbomachinery performance characteristics. Dimensionless characteristics. Pump and pipeline system. Kaplan, Francis and Pelton turbines. Pumps. Fans. Cavitations. Pumps NPSH. Fluid flow modeling in turbomachines. Cascade theory. Planar fluid flow around profile in cascade. 

Developing of general and specific competences (knowledge and skills) 

Knowledge: Understanding methods for hydraulic machine choose. Understanding hydromachines behaviors in different working conditions. Getting familiar with hydromachine applicability from the cavitations point of view. Skills: Understanding systems with one or more turbomachines. 

Forms of tuition performing and manner of knowledge checking 

Tuition performing: lectures, exercises, independent work, and consultations. Manner of knowledge checking: class participation, written and oral exam. 

List of literature needed for studies and sitting for an examination 

List of literature that is recommended as supplemental 

ECTS credits attributed to subject and corresponding explanation 

5 ECTS. Lecture attendance 20%, exercise attendance 20%, preparation of the written exam 30%, preparation of the oral exam 30%. Project is being provided with value of 6 ECTS credits. 

Manner of sitting for an examination 

Written and oral exam. 

Manner of quality inspection and efficiency of subject performing 

Control of the regularity of class performing and  attendance. Continuous dialog with students and inquires about course. Quality control knowledge at the exam. 

Prerequisites for subject enrolling

Attended lectures of Fluid Mechanics. 

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