Computational methods

Draft of subject contents 

Engineering examples for nonlinear equations with one unknown. Appropriate numerical methods and comparison. Convergence criteria for iterative algorithms. Eng. examples for systems of linear equations. Appropriate exact and numerical methods. Error due to solving with the aid of computer. Eng. examples for fitting curves to data. Regression. Interpolation and spline curves in computer graphics. Eng. examples for definite integral. Appropriate numerical methods. Increasing computational accuracy vs. round off error accumulation. Eng. examples for ordinary differential equations.  Appropriate numerical methods. Local and global errors. Computer programs in Python

Developing of general and specific competences (knowledge and skills) 

Knowledge: to recognize computational problems in engineering practice; to understand and use basic numerical methods; basic knowledge in C prog.  language. Skills: to independently write shorter computer programs; to use existing software for solving num. tasks.

Forms of tuition performing and manner of knowledge checking 

Tuition performing: lectures, exercises, independent work, and consultations. Manner of knowledge checking: class participation, seminar paper, and oral exam.

List of literature needed for studies and sitting for an examination

List of literature that is recommended as supplemental 

Manner of sitting for an examination 

Successful seminar paper is the condition for attending the oral exam. 

Manner of quality inspection and efficiency of subject performing 

Control of the regularity of class performing and  attendance. Continuous dialog with students and inquires about course. Quality control of seminar papers and of the knowledge at the oral exams. 

Prerequisites for subject enrolling

No prerequisites. 


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Lecture "Computer Simulation of Wildfire Spreading"
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