Application for managing and optimization of subsea pipe laying configurations.

SLayOpti is built and relies upon Saipem in-house developed software N-Lay which is used as solver for S-Lay static pipeline laying model. Main pipeline laying configuration parameters are adjusted to satisfy the design criteria. The design criteria are aiming to assure the integrity of pipeline during laying and satisfy the operational requirements and capabilities of used installation vessel and equipment.

The aim of static pipeline laying analysis is to find the laying configuration of laybarge and stinger elements and parameters that will satisfy various codes and design criteria. During a typical static laying analysis, a number of parameters must be optimized by the installation engineer to find the correct set of lay barge parameters to safely lay the pipeline. Main pipeline laying configuration parameters are laybarge tensioner pull, trim angle, draft and supports heights, stinger angle, stinger rollers heights and ballast plan together with buoyancy tanks capacity and spacing if there is a need for their application.

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