Extension of ENO and WENO schemes to One-Dimensional Bed-Load Sediment Transport Equations



Essentially nonoscillatory (ENO) and weighted essentially nonoscillatory (WENO) schemes are high order resolution schemes constructed for the hyperbolic conservation laws. Following their original ideas in this paper we extend these schemes to the one-dimensional bed-load sediment transport equations. The difficulties that arise in the numerical modelling come from the fact that a nonconservative product is present in the system. Our specific numerical approximations for the nonconservative product are based on two ideas. First is to include the influence of that term in the system upwinding and the second is to define the numerical approximation in such a way that the obtained scheme solves the system for the quiescent flow case exactly. As a consequence, the resulting schemes give excellent results, as it can be seen from the numerical tests we present. On the opposite, the numerical results obtained by app

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