On different flux splittings and flux functions in WENO schemes for balance laws



In this paper we focus our attention on obtaining well balanced schemes for balance laws by using Marquina's flux in combination with the finite difference and finite volume WENO schemes. We consider also the Rusanov flux splitting and the HLL approximate Riemann solver. In particular, for the presented numerical schemes we develop corresponding discretizations of the source term, based on the idea of balancing with the flux gradient. When applied to the open--channel flow and to the shallow water equations, we obtain the finite difference WENO scheme with Marquina's flux splitting, which satisfies the approximate conservation property, and also the balanced finite volume WENO scheme with Marquina's solver satisfying the exact conservation property. Finally, we also present an improvement of the balanced finite difference WENO scheme with the Rusanov (locally Lax--Friedrichs) flux splitting, we previously developed.

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