A Cfd Approach To Flood Forecasting In The Case Of The River Rjecina



This paper presents a CFD (computational fluid dynamics) approach applied in flood forecasting and prevention in the case of the lower part of the river Rjecina (Croatia, Europe).Rjecina is a torrential river, which in its lower part flows trough the city of Rijeka and into the Adriatic Sea. Key flood risk factors for the urban area surrounding the watercourse are possible sediment settlement, bridges that narrow the primary riverbed profiles, high tides etc. In order to design flood prevention measures acceptable in the urban environment a computer model was developed. This model is based on the 2D shallow water (i.e. St. Venant) equations. Since these equations are hyperbolic conservation laws with a significant source term, Q-schemes developed by Bermuddez, Dervieux et a1. were applied in the numerical computation. In this way the resulting computer application can simulate nonstationary river flow and flo

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