Pump Startup Analysis in Fužine Reversible Hydropower Plant Using 1D Open Channel Flow Model



Fužine reversible hydropower plant is situated in Croatian region of Gorski kotar and is connected with lake Bajer by an open channel called the "inlet/outlet channel" which functions as an inlet channel when the plant works in the pumping regime. The inadequate inlet/outlet channel design causes the abrupt water level drop in inlet/outlet channel during pump start up. Combined with initially low inlet water levels, this inlet water level drop causes temporary improper pump operation with cavitation, which eventually could lead to pump failure. In order to analyze the effects of pump start up rapidity on water levels in the inlet/outlet channel, 1D open channel flow model was used with first order upwind Q Scheme as implemented in the software package Stripp12. Model validation was performed with the unsteady simulation of a native pump start up scenario for which the computed water levels were compared with

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