Simulations of Water Wave Propagation and Flooding in the River Rjecina

The river Rjecina, with it's length of 18.3km, has an orographic catchment area of the size of 218km2. The river is divided in two parts by a dam at the accumulation lake Valici. Hydrology of the river is very complex with many weirs, several major and great number of minor lateral inflows, and a canyon in the lower part.

The mission of the project was to determine flood-wave propagation speed and to identify places endangered by high water levels. For the purpose of solving these problems, Company "Croatian waters" (state enterprise in charge of water management and implementation of flood protection and control measures), engaged our team for the project.

River geometry was obtained from digitized and vectorized geodetic data (detail) that were used for building 1D model and generating numerical mesh for 2D flooding compartments. Extensive hystorical hydrological data were analyzed and also some special measurements were performed. Both measured data were used for the calibration of the Manning's friction factor and obtained very satisfying accordance between computation and measurements (see comparisons).

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