SlayOpti and FreeSpan software upgrade and improvements – Stage 1

SlayOpti improvements

Support for N-Lay model and analysis with multiple pipe properties (subsections) in the pipe string:

SlayOpti should assist the user in A & R or transition analysis with following features:

Requested pipelay analysis with buoyancy tanks features:

Last laybarge or stinger roller separation in static pipelay configuration is often requested. Moreover, pipelay dynamic analysis often encounters excessive last roller loads. Required features:

Moreover, there is need for following multiple sections analysis improvements:

FreeSpan improvements

FreeSpan software tool was finished during July 2006. and implemented Ultimate Limit State (ULS) load combination local buckling check calculations were developed according to the superseded DNV standards version DNV OS-F101 “Submarine pipeline”, January 2000, Amendments October 2005.

FreeSpan ULS local buckling check should offer conformance, (while maintaining backward compatibility with former standard issue) with DNV OS-F101 “Submarine pipeline”, October 2007, Amendments October 2008. (DNV OS-F101 October 2010. issue is completely compatible).

Moreover, various bugs were reported during software application, mainly related to errors in results reporting. Final list of bugs TBD.

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