Simulations of Flooding of Rivers Kupa and Velika Belica

Kuželj village is situated near Brod na Kupi, in the central Croatia, on the very Croatian-Slovenian border. The village lies on the banks of a small river Velika Belica which there flows into the river Kupa. Due to the relatively narrow valley, parts of the roads as well as parts of the village get flooded every autumn and fall.
The aim of the project was to perform the numerical simulation of flooding of Kuželj village. Acquired results were analyzed and achievable flood prevention measures were proposed and validated.

Digitized geodetic data were used as a basis for creating 1D and 2D models of the terrain. Numerical model was calibrated by optimizing the applied Manning friction coefficients with respect to the information of flooding water levels.

1D simulations were used for determining the optimal domain size and boundary conditions for 2D model. 2D simulations were used on the real domain and several different options of channel regulation: removing the river island, redirecting V. Belica, building a wall on the left bank of the V. Belica, and some combinations of these. The results indicated that only building of the wall on the left bank of the V. Belica river would successfully solve the problem of the Kuželj village flooding. Other measures are shown to be insufficient.

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