STB-1 Dynamic Ballast System Verification of Butterfly Valves Calculation

The objective of this report is to verify the ballast flow calculation of the barge STB-1.
The verification of the previous ballast flow calculation was successfully conducted. The calculation was performed independently once again and the results were compared. The comparison showed that the butterfly valve and intake pipe were chosen correctly. This report presented in detail the calculation procedure and supported it with 2D flow simulation results. These simulations indicate the zones of high vorticity and the influence of the asymmetrical sea-chest design on the flow patterns. Two simple design improvements were suggested which would lower the flow resistance in the tank intake system and therefore shorten the time intervals needed for filling up the ballast tanks.
In order to obtain flow properties over the whole volume of the tank intake system more precisely, a 3D flow simulation should be performed. However, the results of this calculation support the design solution already accepted by the design office.
In 2004 STB-1 has been constructed and it operated successfully.

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