Python textbook

We are pleased to announce the first public version of a free textbook which should cover application of the Python language and a range of ancillary modules on the issues of computational engineering, numerical and applied mathematics, visualization, and similar topics. The purpose of the textbook is to serve as a supporting material in teaching at the Faculty of Engineering.

Current and former members the Department of Fluid Mechanics and Computational Engineering ( participated on the development of the textbook.

The text is writen in Croatian and is continually improved, but there is still incomplete and unfinished chapters.

The textbook is available free of charge for our students and the wider interested public and is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

The current version of the script is available for download at: PDFs of future versions of the textbook will be avaliable at the same link.

We would be very grateful if readers/users of the script contributed to the quality of presented topics in a way that mistakes (spelling, grammar, errors in formulas/codes and everything else) that are encountered are reported at Besides error reports, tips and ideas on topics that would be good to put in the script are welcome!

Copyright 2013 - Department of Fluid Mechanics and Computational Engineering