Funding for e-learning

The Department`s course Modeling in Engineering has won funding from the Committee for E-learning of the University of Rijeka, for the purpose of setting up servers with IPython Notebook web interface which will be used in the course.

IPython is an advanced command shell intended for Python programming language that provides smooth and rich interaction with the user. IPython Notebook is a web interface for IPython that enables the creation of worksheet-like interactive numerical calculations in the web browser. Notebooks can contain text, equations, images, graphics, videos and various other elements.


We will set up IPython Notebook as a "cloud" service for our students, enabling the educational and scientific use of Python interactively through the web browser, both in the classroom and at home.

IPython and IPython Notebook are open source packages issued under the BSD license. As such, they fully fit the Department`s vision of extensive employment of open source tools in education and industry.

The funds will enable the improvement of the Computational Engineering module of the mechanical engineering study and it will be a great benefit to our students. Although this funding is rather modest, we are very glad that our idea has been recognized and supported by the University.

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