Computational engineering alumni

Prominent former students with excellent achievements during the study.

Deni Marić, ing. mag. mech.

Ivan Hržić, ing. mag. mech.

  • Graduated September 2012.
    Thesis: Analiza mješanja u mrežnim spojevima (Analysis of mixing in pipe network connections)
    Mentors: Lado Kranjčević, Marko Čavrak
  • Employed in STSI d.o.o. since 2012.
    Planning, organizing and monitoring of rotating equipment maintenance.

Marin Prebeg, ing. mag. mech.

  • Graduated July 2012.
    Thesis: Simulacija onečišćenja u atmosferskom graničnom sloju (Simulation of pollution in the atmospheric boundary layer)
    Mentors: Zoran Mrša, Marko Čavrak
  • Employed in Navis Consult since 2012.
    Equipment and piping modeling in FORAN, equipment and piping modeling in AVEVA Marine (Outfitting and Paragon), design and detail engineering drawings elaboration for machinery system, preparation of technical documentation and manufacturing sheets in FORAN/AutoCAD.

Marin Ropac, ing. mag. mech.

  • Graduated January 2012.
    Thesis: Numeričko određivanje radne karakteristike centrifugalne pumpe (Numerical calculations of the operating characteristics of centrifugal pumps)
    Mentors: Zoran Čarija
  • Employed in Saipem S.p.A. Croatian Branch since 2012.
    Sealine Design Engineer.

Boris Gadanac, ing. mag. mech.

  • Graduated November 2011.
    Thesis: Usporedba standardiziranih matematičkih modela i CFD softvera za modeliranje onečišćenja zraka iz točkastog stacionarnog izvora (Comparison of standardized mathematical models and CFD modeling of air pollution from a point stationary sources)
    Mentors: Zoran Mrša, Marko Čavrak
  • Employed in AITAC d.o.o. since 2012.
    Shipbuilding Product Lifecycle Management (Catia V5) & FEA.

Žarko Medančić, ing. mag. mech.

  • Graduated November 2010.
    Thesis: Analiza dinamičkih utjecaja pri polaganju podmorskih cjevovoda (Analysis of dynamic impact during subsea pipelines laying)
    Mentors: Luka Sopta, Siniša Družeta
  • Employed in Saipem S.p.A. Croatian Branch since 2011.
    Junior pipeline engineer.

Matej Sinožić, ing. mag. mech.

Franjo Mišković, ing. mag. mech.

  • Graduated June 2009.
    Thesis: Optimizacija polaganja podmorskih cjevovoda (Optimization of submarine pipelines laying)
    Mentors: Luka Sopta
  • Employed in Saipem S.p.A. Croatian Branch since 2009.
    Junior pipeline engineer.
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