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Lecture "Computer Simulation of Wildfire Spreading"

On Monday, April 1st, Marko Buljan ing. mag. mech. will held a lecture titled "Computer Simulation of Wildfire Spreading". This presentation will be a summary of the recently defended graduate thesis in which a numerical model of forest fire (wildfire) spread has been developed in the OpenFOAM program package.

The lecture will start at 12:00 in the Laboratory for Computational Engineering (Room L10). The lecture is open to all interested teachers and students.

2019. Mar 29. 11:44Posted by Stefan Ivić

Paper published in Water Research journal

We are pleased to announce a publication of a scientific paper entitled "Temporal variations analyses and predictive modeling of microbiological seawater quality". The article is co-authored by our Department members and published in Water Research journal.

2017. Jun 02. 01:24Posted by Stefan Ivić

Ergodicity-Based Cooperative Multiagent Area Coverage via a Potential Field

We are pleased to announce that the paper entitled "Ergodicity-Based Cooperative Multiagent Area Coverage via a Potential Field" by Stefan Ivić, Bojan Crnković and Igor Mezić is accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics.

The manuscript of the paper and supplementary material is already avaliable online:

2016. Dec 23. 10:55Posted by Stefan Ivić

WENO 1d interpolation

A small header only c++ library that performes Lagrange barrycentric and WENO 1d interpolation.

2016. Sep 23. 02:23Posted by Jerko Škifić

The site is up again!

Due to some hardware issues the site was down for several weeks.

The migration to new hardware is now finished and the site is online again.

2015. Dec 16. 03:05Posted by Stefan Ivić

Simple Sod shock tube calculator

Python module which calculates Sod shock tube analytical solutions for various initial conditions.

2015. May 11. 11:00Posted by Jerko Škifić

Stefan Ivić defended his doctoral thesis

On December 19 Stefan Ivić defended his doctoral thesis entitled Modelling and optimization of submarine pipe laying and gained PhD degree in Technical Sciences.

2014. Dec 23. 02:22Posted by Siniša Družeta

Python textbook

We are pleased to announce the first public version of a free textbook which should cover application of the Python language and a range of ancillary modules on the issues of computational engineering, numerical and applied mathematics, visualization, and similar topics. The purpose of the textbook is to serve as a supporting material in teaching at the Faculty of Engineering.

2014. Sep 12. 01:54Posted by Stefan Ivić

New head of the Department

Starting with this month, prof. Lado Kranjčević has taken the position of the head of the Department.

2014. Jun 05. 03:35Posted by Siniša Družeta

Optimizations in engineering: student projects presentation

Public presentations of student projects of the Optimization in engineering course will be held on Monday, 3 February in room U11 (teleconferencing room) starting at 13:00.

We invite all interested students to come to the presentation.

Topics covered in student projects are related to the implementation of a variety of modern optimization methods in real engineering problems. Below are short summaries of the topics that will be presented.

2014. Jan 31. 03:38Posted by Stefan Ivić
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