About Department

Scientific or expert activities of the Department are predominantly related to research in the field of modeling and optimization of fluid flow, especially mathematical models, numerical methods and computer simulation of open channel flow and flooding, flow in pipelines with surges and cavitation, flow and dispersion in the atmosphere, pollution and flow in turbo machinery. Other activities include the engineering of technical optimization software, accompanied with theoretical optimization research.

Zavod za mehaniku fluida i računarsko inženjerstvo

The Department's research and engineering activities are carried out formally through numerous projects, not only those funded by the Ministry of Science, but also by several major public and private corporations (Croatian waters, HEP - national electricity company, Saipem, etc.).

The Department educates young scientists and research assistants and cooperates with scientists descended from this the Department, who now work at major universities abroad (Stanford University, University of California, Santa Barbara). The scientific work of the Department is reflected in a significant number of high quality scientific papers published in CC and SCI journals.

Employees of the Department are involved in teaching in all studies of Faculty of Engineering, while being mostly engaged in the course module Computational Mechanics and Engineering of the graduate studies of Mechanical Engineering.

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